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Chris Tucker stand up ’93 August 11, 2007

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Rush Hour 3 just came out this friday and  i was one of the first people to line up to go watch it. it wasnt that great but it was good enough and it had it laughs, the chemistry between tucker and chan is amazing. tucker been off the spot light for a while now, apparently he was doing some humantarian work with his foundation, visiting different part of Africa. good for him. another reason for his dissapearance is that he didnt want to be in the public eyes all the time specially after seeing what happened to Michael jackson (close friends). chris tucker managed to make more than enough $. his first Rush Hour movie earned him 3 million, the 2nd and the 3rd earned him a whooping 20 million and 25 million .. thats sums up to 48 million ( doing 3 movies during a 10 year span …..not bad …not bad at all)

here is a stand up sketch of him in 1993




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