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Smoking Jacket June 21, 2007

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smoking jacket
The Smoking Jacket has a built in pair of lungs in TPU pockets. The jacket is designed so that the smoker blows the smoke into the jacket itself instead of the air around them, and the jacket’s “lungs” become browner over time. A great concept on social behavior by Fiona Carswell.


Smart Advertising June 21, 2007

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Camping with style June 21, 2007

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Cloud Room

We’ve had meetings in some odd places, but never in a room like this. The Cloud Room ($5000) is a portable, inflatable meeting room that features a fan for setup in just three minutes, and a simple carrying bag for easy storage. At 15.5 by 13 feet, it’s got plenty of room — and we’re guessing the white, rip-resistant nylon walls work just fine as a screen for your projector.

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Get Social ..with ur T-shirt ! June 21, 2007

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Reactee t-shirts let you create a personalized t-shirt printed with a slogan and a special code that anyone can send a text message to in order to receive a pre-programed response from you. People are using them for everything from advertising upcoming music gigs and sports events to gathering names for petitions and even soliciting phone numbers for dates.

SNL -iphone skit June 21, 2007

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9 days and the iphone will be available to the public .. will it revolutionize the way people use phones like the ipod did in music .. we are going to wait and see, till then enjoy this

i cant wait to get my hand on one those puppies ..

im outt.

World’s Most Expensive Ferrari June 21, 2007

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This is a man with a lot of money. After pulling up past his Porsche Cayenne and personal gas pump in a Maserati, New York Hedge Fund manager Jim Glicknehaus swaps cars for a Ferrari Enzo-turned retro ’60s sports car.

Glickenhaus liked the 330 P3/4-era Ferraris so much that he took his Enzo out to Turin, Italy, to recreate the classic cars based on state-of-the-art technology. The entire upgrade cost $4 million on top of the $1 million sticker price on the Enzo all by its lonesome.

Among the upgrades include a complete overhaul of the body, redesigned and rebuilt by Pininfarina, 20′ wheels wrapped in fatter tires, beautiful, custom-made fabric (picked out by his wife? Daughter? I’m not one to judge, I just don’t know), and a raised “cut line” to allow for easier access to the monster living underneath the hood.

so just look at the video …and maybe one day u’ll afford the tires .. im outt

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VA – Release Yourself vol. 6 by Roger Sanchez [2CD] 2007 June 20, 2007

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VA – Release Yourself vol. 6 by Roger Sanchez [2CD] 2007

Album: Release Yourself vol. 6
Release Date.: 06/06/2007
Source…….: CDDA
Style……..: Dance
Record Label.: STEALTH


Disc one: pre-party

01. Nadirah Shakoor – Love Song (Baksonk Syam Dub Mix)
02. Tamara Wellons – Oh Well (Bahsonik Remix)
03. Raw Artistic Soul Ft Ursula Rucker – Astranews.org (Main Mix)
04. Jihad Muhammad – Expansions (Movement Soul Main Mix)
05. Joeski – On My Own
06. Joi Cardwell – Imperfect
07. Joeski – Hypnotize
08. DJ Leo – Sex In The Morning
09. Patrick Green Ft Will Barnes – Shades (Rocco Arena Mix)
10. Claude Vonstroke – Who S Afraid Of Detroit
11. DJ Pippie And Danny Marquez Ft Marcel – Astranews.org (DJ Pippie Rasta Deep…)
12. Rocco – Something For The Floor
13. Nicola Fasano Ft Paula B – Missing (Oliver Berger Remix)
14.M-Swift Ft Vanessa Haynes – Kosmix Love (Tiger Stripes Remix)

Disc two: party

01. Basement Jaxx – Cool It
02. Relight Orchestra And DJ Andrea Ft Margareth Menezes – Uma Historia De If…
03. The Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On (Blocca S Cheeky Mix)
04. Bebe Brown Vs Phunk Investigation – Dark Beats
05. Laidback Luke Ft. Stephan Granville – Hypnotize (Steve Angello Remix)
06. Agent Greg Vs Audiopunch – Symphony Of Love
07. Noir – All About House Music (Peter Gelderblom Remix)
08. Greg, Jeroenski And Roog – Your Mind Is Twisted (Peter Gelderblom Remix)
09. Rooster And Peralta – Move Your Body (Armand Pena Remix)
10. Samuel L Session Ft Paris – Can You Relate (The Black Fu Mix)
11. Ralph Falcon – I Need Someone (The Cube Guys Remix)
12. Marcello Castelli – Message (Joy Marquez Remix)
13. Nick Terranova And Austin Leeds – Dirty Sound (Miami Dirt Mix)
14. Suzanne Palmer – Free My Love (The Cube Guys Remix)


via: http://astranews.org