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Sean John “Unforgivable” February 28, 2007

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While i was in the Big apple during Christmas last year .. everywhere i looked there was a big billboard advertisment for the rap producer/ fashion designer mogul  P.Diddy , i mean the guy lay it down from sucessful music projects to multi million fashion business  “sean john”, he’s an ICON, anyways, i was buying gifts during my visit there, i walked in Macy’s and while i was in perfume scetion, the seller tell me this is the #1 perfume all year long!.. so i thought to my self .. na .. its just another fruity febreze with a bold celebrity name written all over it ( David Bechkam and Anonio Banderas perfumes are horrible!), two days later after i got back from N.Y, me and my gf were walking around in  the mall and i look in the perfumes section .. here it is ! .. so i thought to my sellf .. let me try it, and i was impressed .. it has this spicy lemon scent,  i ended gettin’ one from my gf  .. morale of this boring story is ..SEAN JOHN’S “Unforgivable” has a very fine elegent scent.. GO COP THAT SHIT (Diddy’s voice)

im outt ..



1. Nano - March 3, 2007

Myyyyyyyyyy Favorite!!!!

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