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TIMZ — An iraqi rapper speakin’ out February 12, 2007

Posted by DJ X | FADER in Uncategorized.

i was watching tv today and this music video caught my eyes, he’s speakin’ againts the war on iraq .. TIMZ is a rapper from El Cajon near San Diego, California. He was born to a Chaldean family that immigrated from Iraq in the 1970s. Like a regular young Chaldean male in the U.S., Timz worked and helped out with his family owned liquir store in the 1990s.

check out the video : TIMZ – IRAQ

and this is his interview on FOX

reprenstin’ iraq .. to the fullest .. timz !

im outtt..



1. Chris - February 12, 2007

TIMZ is awesome. I have his album “Open For Business” and I can’t take it out of my player. He speaks the truth.

2. Dasani - February 12, 2007

this guy has guts, n i give him respect for that, and on top of all that, hes from where im from, Good job home boy.

3. Nano - February 12, 2007

Wow this guy is amazing… i had goosepumps

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