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DJ X|FADER – Phuqthedeejay vol:2 (Electro set) January 8, 2007

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here u go everybody, i recoreded this set on saturday night, it includes all the electro House tunes im feelin’ at the moment ..


here is the tracklist



ENJOY  … im outtt ..



1. DJ X | FADER - January 9, 2007

Incase u couldnt read the tracklist because its too small ..here u go

1-Martinez – Shadowboxing (Trentemoller Remix).mp3
2-Booyrox – Yeah Yeah (D Ramirez Remix).
5-Terranova – Sexy dirty (Kobbe & Terranova mix).
8-Mario Piu – Moskow Diskow (Raf Marchesini Remix).

2. Nano - January 9, 2007

Everyone we have a winning MIX!!!!! this set takes you out of this world 😀 honestly !!! I LOVE IT

3. Fonzy - January 10, 2007

excellent choices man…… am at work right now but be sure i will be downloading when i get home. great choices again!

4. diet Coke - January 10, 2007

bro, u know how is it n kuwait, the fastest internet u can ever use, loli, neways, ama try to download it, but im pretty sure know ur style, and daaymn right im gona love it n lsn to it more than any set, cz as they say, the full package is always better…n ur sets always have it..yalla i guess ill see u tom. :’)

5. Most Wanted - January 23, 2007

Great Job man.. way to go DJ X | FADER ,

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