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DEEP DISH’s “Globalunderground 29:DUBAI” footage January 7, 2007

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sharamcovergu029.jpgDubai is the latest release from globalunderground, mixed by the one and only house progressive grammy winner deep dish, this album has been playing on my nokia n91 day and night, very impressive track selection, whats intrest me also is the theme city, DUBAI, after listening to sander klieneberg “this is dubai” its clear that dubai house club scene is growin’ a year after another, i mean u go there and u can catch many many dj’ spinin all year long. 

    [Video Footage]

im outtttt..



1. diet Coke - January 10, 2007

yo, im tellin ya, ive been there, done that hehe, dubai is number 1, no wonder the global Un. are in there….meeeen meeen america hahaha…props to Middel east

2. Most Wanted - January 23, 2007

Deep Dish is awsome , nice clip in Dubai,,

where is that album,, i still didnt lsn to it,, can u plz post it ??

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