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Finally, the USB device i always wanted ! January 5, 2007

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USB-POWERED Drink Chiller/Warmer


the USB Chiller And Warmer actually ranks fairly high in the utility department. Sporting that oh-so-hip glossy white finish, the device is entirely USB-powered, rocks a built-in fan, and can keep your beverage cool or warm with the flip of a switch. Moreover, it claims to boost the temperature of your drink 29-degrees in 10 minutes, and chills 13-degrees in the same period of time. So if you’re already surrounded by a mini fridge and espresso machine, be sure to throw down the $24 required to keep your rear planted (and drink temperature satisfactory) around the clock.

now i get to set for hours and hours front of my laptop and enjoy my coke without rushining to finish it before it gets worm..sick !

im outt …



1. Nano - January 5, 2007

This is sooo coool… i actually go to my microwave 4 times to reheat my drink when im having coffee at home. I think this USB chiller warmer is so convenient especially to keep ur pepsi or coke cold while u drink it slowly…i end up throwing half of the can just because its not cold enough to finish it

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