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NEW YORK, NEW YORK ! .. December 21, 2006

Posted by DJ X | FADER in Uncategorized.

hooof .. i just finished my last exam .. im done !! finally, now i gotta do the lanudry, pack my luggage, because tomorrow im going to !


im outt, peace and love



1. diet Coke - December 26, 2006

yo yo yo ….yam3awad, hehehe wus up new youk youk….hope u having fun..im sending u this stri8 from Kuwait, weather is Magnifisint [lol i dunu the spellng], cruising with the new X5 BMW hehe[mama’s]
neways salami to faisal and SemSem and MiMi…

hope yall enjoy it.

2. diet Coke - December 26, 2006

yo, this is like my 4th time tryna post a comment, but its not working hehehe, neways if this is posted, have fun in brocklyn,NY and bust a move for mimi hehehe…
on the other hand, me im cruisin in the new X5 bmw, that mom has now.


3. Most Wanted - December 27, 2006

abee aroo7 New York…

4. DJ X | FADER - January 5, 2007

hamoood wallah ra7et 3leek new york yala mara thania

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