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DJ X|FADER N ACTION – Saturday Night ! December 17, 2006

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its saturday night and there is nothing to do .. i walk into my room and and i look to the right and here it is, my pio’s sittin’ there waiting to get amped and rockin’ .. its been a while since i rocked the house (my room) with some decent electro/progressive/tribal house ..so i got my records, planned my playlist ..and got my together .. the result was..

bangin’ tunes all night long .. (and by all night i mean till 11 because for some reason ppl start knockin my door pass that hour ) .. the vibe was pumpin’.. simply put … i love spinnin’.

By the my DJ EQUIPMENT SET consist of :

-2 x pioneer CDJ 800’s
-Allen & Heath xone 62
-Efx Pioneer 500 effecter
-Sony MD-500 Headphones
-Sharp HI-FI & Moniters

cant wait to upgrade my set .. even though its pretty good at the moment .. anyways,
im outt !



1. Most Wanted - December 19, 2006

DJ X|FADER rules Ottawa ,,

you got some sick stuff man,, keep up the good work, we have to party sometime soon..

good luck, and stay out of trouble..

Peace, Ahmed

2. DJ X | FADER - December 19, 2006

comin’ from someone who’s considered one of my best friends, the phrase “stay of trouble” is hard to manage! u know it
ahmeeeeeedo representin’ Wakra Gang

3. HiSham - December 19, 2006

Fadi, how’s it going man? you still didnt fulfill your promise!! party..after your vacation.. I’m still waiting ^_~
tc and good luck..


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