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Examlicious ! December 15, 2006

Posted by DJ X | FADER in Uncategorized.

its exam time again, even though i graduated last year i decided to complete my honour degree incase i wanted to do my Masters in the future ( i doubt it !! ), the thing is, i hate freakin’ exams ! , i mean going through graduation and all that and now i have to take more courses and exams again !! its insane!!!!!, anywho cant wait to finish my last exam because im going to visit my brother in NEW YORK, NEW YORK, im not sure if i should be excited since i was hoping more of a tropical destination like i did last year( cancun !!! we miss u ),oh well, everybody is telling me the city is crazy! and im gonna have lots of fun, so here is my list of things to do (New York):
1- spend some time with ma brotha !
2- checkin’ out Time square
3- crobar — house music !!
4- pacha — more house music !!!
5- — some more houuuuuuse music !!



1. Most Wanted - December 19, 2006

New York is biggest city in the world,, you gonna love it,,

have fun there and say hi to ur bro ..

one more thing, make sure u know where u going.. šŸ˜›

love and peace for every1,

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